A driver with a mercedes minivan will wait for you directly at the pier of the ship with a sign showing your name and he will drive you to Pompeii where the tour will start.

This Roman city was buried during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD and is considered among the most important archaeological sites in the world.
Pompeii,had about 20,000 inhabitants when it was completely buried by a flow of hot ash, pumice and an undercurrent of rock and burning gasses.
In just 12 hours, houses, temples, baths, brothels, restaurants and citizens were buried.
Within a few generations, incredibly, Pompeii was forgotten.
Afterwards, the architect Domenico Fontana, who was building an aqueduct through the area, discovered by chance the ruins of Pompeii. Most of the excavations have been carried out since the 18th century.

After the visit of Pompeii the tour will continue through the Vesuvius National Park that overlooks the whole Gulf of Naples.
We will drive up 3,200 feet, where you can purchase a ticket that allows you to enter the last segment of the volcano.
You will hike on foot, the last 500 meters ,along the steep gravel trail that leads to the mouth of the crater
You will see lush dense vegetation that thrives on rich volcanic soil, a variety of lava rocks of different colors, and fumes rising out of the crater itself.
From the top of Mount Vesuvius on clear days you get a most spectacular view of the Bay of Naples, Pompeii and Capri.

Finally Herculaneum,unlike Pompeii, which was buried under a rain of ash and lava, was overwhelmed by a flood of mud and volcanic debris.
Indeed, the site, is preserved much better than Pompeii, many buildings still have a second storey that can be visited, giving visitors a more accurate feel of how the city looked like before the eruption.

Furthermore you will have the opportunity to visit the Basilica, the House of Neptune & Amphitrite, the Thermal Spas of the Forum, the House of the Deer and much more.

Additional information

Licensed guide service is available upon request at an extra charge.
It is possible to share the tour with other guests of your cruise ship.
This itinerary can be modified by speaking with your driver, always ensure your ship's final call time.
If visiting churches you may have to dress appropriately

What's Included

vehicle (Mercedes van full a/c), baby seats (on request), English speaking driver, tolls, car fuel and parking.

What's NOT Included

entrance fees, lunch , licensed guide(if request) and gratuities.

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